Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Formula One Forgotten (But Still in My Heart) Drivers

There are new faces in Formula One, but old faces, cannot be forgotten, as without them, who are the new ones, really? They build formula one before the new kids showing up.

We are talking about LIVING driver, and of course, not off the legend. Ayrton Senna and the others are not forgotten. I am talking bout ones we dont speak of anymore. But they're here, in my heart.

And this is the list, forgotten drivers in last 10 years.

1) Giancarlo Fisichella
Maybe he's in my heart because of we've met in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, but none the less, he's always there. Whenever there's Alonso in blue suit, I will quickly think about fisichella. Whenever there's Nick Heidfeld or Felipe Massa in sauber petronas's racing suit, there is always fisichella. The italian driver is now driving for Le Mans

2)Olivier Panis
He's one of the veterans in formula one that i know, despite Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. Nobody knows much of Olivier Panis. He is French, and never wins in F1. But he is still the main character in 2003 for me. That was before Alonso became world champion, before Jenson Button is known. Before even Lewis Hamilton! He is now in Le Mans

3) Nick Heidfeld
Its not long ago when Heidfeld is thrown off Formula One, and i am like - angry - with the team for that. He is a good driver in Formula One. He had podiums! He had ethics! But he had to go. Why? I dunno, to give room to Senna (Bruno)? Well, i hope for the best for Nick Heidfeld, as he too, was the main character in 2003 for us (five of us, really). He drives for Le Mans now too.

4) Jarno Trulli
He was a former kart world champion. But he was forgotten in Formula One. He is not good? Well how come he is a world champion in Kart? Every good racers are champion in kart. Hence, why isnt Trulli? He is a good driver in my opinion. Maybe its because they wanted to invite new kids. But new kids doesnt give much good, if that's what they're asking. However, he is the owner of Trulli Kart, and had his very own wine yard. Speaking of pushing them off Formula One!

5) Ralf Schumacher
Schumacher who?? Well, this is the little brother of the former world champion, Michael Schumacher. But, well, nobody knows much of Ralf apart from that. He had six wins, and now racing no more. But, he used to portray my father in Schumis girls (starring me!) haha

6)Juan Pablo Montoya
Who knows him? Who? Who? Yeah, me! Well, who knows he's ever in F1? Maybe they know him from Nascar. He's still active in Nascar now. in Formula One was where he started to be who he is. Well, people start to notice him in F1. But maybe they dont remember he was ever in F1. Whatever, as long as he's a forgotten F1 Driver, he's in this list.

7) Jacques Villeneuve
He's a former world champion, son of a former world champion, but forgotten. That's enough to picture how much F1 had changed. New driver come and goes, legends are still in heart..and what about the driver that goes? He had been a singer with one album, a Nascar racer, and Le Mans. Talk about multitalent, well, Villeneuve is the one you're talking about!

8) David Coulthard
Oh, its been a while since i heard that name. Legend? But why dont we heard his name as much as Senna? Or Gilles Villeneuve? Or Roland Retzenberger? Simple - He is forgotten!

9) Marc Gene
I still use this name in my novels. I liked his name! And hope he didnt sue me for that. Well, my job wasnt published, hence to sue for what? Anyway, that meant that he's in my heart, but not others, as he had no wins, no podiums, just 5 points. Still, he's in my heart. Did i mentioned that?

10) Justin Wilson
He might be forgotten because of his only one year participation in Formula One. But still, a formula one and forgotten. He is known (very well known) for IndyCar series, and in formula one, he is known for his tallness. He is nearly 2m tall.

And driver lineup for 2012~:

And though the other guys didnt do well in f1, they are not forgotten maybe because their good looks~~ Or maybe, because he is truly forgotten that even i didnt know them! Well, dont be confused on forgotten and legend...Legend is not in formula one, but everyone knows them.~~

Until next time

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