Sunday, March 25, 2012

Innocent Robert Kubica

Innocent Robert Kubica

(OH NO!! DONT DRILL MY ROBERT KUBICA!) <--my robert kubica? his girlfriend could murder me! Joking!! haha

Robert Kubica is an F1 Driver (this week is about F1), and honestly, when i see his face off helmet, i noticed that he looked like my ex, ****** *****. It doesnt meant that it makes me feel like i miss my ex or whatever, but it makes me feel like i had a good taste (Lol). Before i dont really know, u know.. hahaha

Oh yea, he is cute, and cute (unlike Sergio Perez, who is sweet but not cute). And cute. And cute. Which means he is 4 times cuter than anyone (excluding my ex, who is as the same level of

I hope that Kubica would join F1 next year, 2013. He's replaced in f1 2011 and 2012 because he was involved in an accident when he raced in rally (for fun, not for any championship) and severed his right forearm.

he was born on 1984, which means he is 28 yrs this year. Well, still young! But i guess he had a girlfriend already. the face that cute, single? oh no! if he is, well, tell him i am interested. Haha!

look, alonso gave me that angry look. i was just kidding about telling kubica i am interested, fernando (oh, imaginations!)

these r the pictures of Robert Kubica Rally Crash

Well, hope the cuteness i see in Kubica, you guys sees it as well.. :)

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