Sunday, March 25, 2012

Robert Kubica Rally Crash

This is the post where i actually wrote on the crash, not the looks of the one who involve in the crash. this is something i should write. no one wanted to read about how cute someone is, how similar his looks with one's ex, so on. i know you dont want to read that!!

And this is about the 28 yrs old crash, which someone thought to be near fatal, because even when they see the picture, its a miracle that he survived (remember Sergio Perez in Monaco? Its like the same crash as Ayrton Senna, but Ayrton's crash had been fatal. Perez's not, because of the new tyre lined concrete wall, but we're not talking about Senna or Perez. We're talking about Robert Kubica.)

Robert Kubica suffers horrifying injuries after losing control in Rally Race in Andora, Italy.

something from
Robert Kubica has suffered multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand following a crash in a rally in Italy.

Kubica was taken to hospital by helicopter following a crash in the Ronde di Andora rally.

Renault have confirmed he is undergoing medical checks but have not given details about his injuries.

A statement from the team said:

“After undergoing extensive medical checks this morning, Robert Kubica has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand. He is currently undergoing surgery at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure.

“Robert suffered a high-speed accident this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“Daniel Morelli, Robert’s manager, will be available for the press in front of the hospital emergency entrance at 16:30 CET (15:30 GMT).

“Lotus Renault GP driver, Robert Kubica, suffered an accident at high speed this morning while competing in the Ronde di Andora Rally.

“The driver was airlifted to Pietra Ligure Hospital, where he is currently undergoing medical checks. His co-driver is fine.”

He was due to drive at the Jerez test this week. Renault’s third driver is Bruno Senna."

Here are the photos.


  1. Its a tough luck that he survive. But yet still, his 'times' hasn't come yet. Hopefully he can recover well.