Sunday, March 25, 2012

Checo Perez - Cute Much?

Sergio Perez is an F1 Driver (Well, what else is new?)
And he's super cute! (i know, i know, that i vowed liking Fernando Alonso for life. Well, time changed!)
Yes, he's the one taking the blow on Monaco GP, Yes, he's the one who had won second place behind Fernando Alonso in Malaysian GP like 20 minutes ago.

Sergio Perez can be called Checo Perez too, you know. His Twitter - well, you know how to search for Twitter Acc! And he's the driver of Sauber Ferrari team!

I know, Sergio Perez, like any other F1 Driver, had girlfriend. But so What? A fan is a fan (Hear that, Beliebers?)

This Mexican driver is born in 1990 (see, he's younger than me! Haha) and honestly, i dont know him personally. but i do know him Wikipedia-ly!
You know what Checo, i think you should stay in Malaysia, and held an autograph session. I think you'll make some crowd there, and you might cant be back in two days, because of the amount of autograph you had to make. (Kidding - i intend to make him stay, but i guess this statement, could scare him, anyway).

Congrates on your podium finish in F1 Malaysia GP. We'll hope to see you again in Podium Finish, soon!

Great Young Driver, he is! I dunno if he had broken Fernando Alonso's record on the youngest driver to finish in Podium Finish. Fernando won that in Malaysian GP (as well), in 2003. (Oh yeah, i know those stuff - regarding Alonso. See, i told you i know these guys, Wikipedia-ly).

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