Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rest In Peace, Kim Da-eul.

Kim Da-eul, or Daul Kim, was an international model who came from South Korea. She committed suicide in 2009 at the age of 20. I just saw her blog, and it comes out that she was quite a good writer. Being a model, super gorgeous and at my age, i dunno what she's been desperate about, but you know, nobody knows. Maybe she had unsettling feelings, or what, nobody knows.

On her earlier blog posts, she had already had the will to commit suicide, it is on April 2007, two years before she committed suicide on 19 November 2009. Here is the blog post:

is doing well. too busy traveling
like 3 countries in one week
its overwhelming and i am
going to smash my face with
this hammer,
so you will probably not
see daul as so often as before.
but you will see daulmonster as she lives
inside ur heart forever.

my life as daul was so miserable and lonely.
please join my loneliness in another world.

i love you all.


KIDDING . im fine. just tired.


She was beautiful, and innocent (the way she wrote), and she had expressed that she had been lonely, and homesick, for being away from home since the age of 13, like what she said;

i was really sad so its making me feel bit depressed
i think its worse nowdays cos i really didnt miss home when i was like 13 and traveling,
but im still 17 and maybe some ppl think im old enough but really all these years
traveling and missing school and missing real home time is effecting me now
i dont have much memories from school cos i quit school when i was 15 going on 16
and i home schooled . but even when i was 13 i didnt really have friends my age
and i had like 3 friendsf rom highschool and i still dont have friends my age.
it made me be more mature but at the same time sometimes i feel sad

source: the same blog.

Hence, maybe people would want to think bad, well, i guess she already had what she wanted. Her entry in Wikipedia - that picture is the very picture when she said "Like a dream comes true".

Say Hi To Forever, Daul Kim.

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