Monday, November 9, 2015

This is CUTE! in October 2015, a couple celebrated their 60th anniversary with UP theme!

Ok, this is definitely relationship goals.
And Piano goals.
Must find someone with Piano skills. XD
kidding...kidding.. of course
Am I?

Anyway, enjoy the video! Like I did

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


There's a man in the vessel, a man we all lovingly are friends with, the man whom I first know on board because he told me his name, even though we always get language barrier because he didn't speak English (in which I am thankful for my 1/6 British heritage)...and I am touched with him.

I know, looking by his face that he's a player, but he was actually quite nice...and a great guy!

Well, the first time I was touched with him was when I first introduce myself to him and he called me every five minutes. He was working in the galley, and he called my name just to know where I am at. And it was a nice gesture, telling me that he cares.

And he tried to stuff me with foods. But all the foods were spicy and my stomach aren't made for spicy foods, so I had to decline.

Some people on board told me he likes me. But by that time, I had liked another. My heart was only meant to be filled with one, so I cannot like two persons at a time. But, as I had known him (he was honestly cute and fair) earlier than the other guy, honestly, there's one time during the early parts of when I started to join the management of the cruise, I had a feeling, a mild, I-Like-Looking-At-His-Face feeling.

So yeah...i was touched. And he had a girlfriend and almost two kids...
So he couldn't've liked me (maybe only as a friend) and we're only friends.
(this isnt Friendzone-ing ok)

By the way...

When they had moved away, he still remembers me and gave me a shawl from the place he was was a nice gesture. I was touched that out of ~20 people on board that i have known (including the guy i like), He remembered me and he gave me a parting gift!

I was so touched, I cried.
Thank you so much, Mr. TP. I will forever remember you.
Just as long as you remember me.

Have a safe trip back to Bangkok!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to recover hidden files from your USB Flash Drive!

Your USB Flash Drive is suddenly wiped clean, but in the Windows Explorer, you can see your PD (Pendrive) is filled?

I came across this problem last year, and thanks Google that I have this solution! There are two steps you have to follow. Oh, forgive me for my level one English, but I hope it's understandable.

1. Go to Windows Explorer.
2. Go to Tools (if you cant see Tools, press Alt, and there will be a bar above "Organize" & "New Library")
3. Choose Folder Option.
4. Click View
5. Under Files and Folders, at the Hidden Files and Folder, choose Show Hidden Files, Folder and Drive. Click Apply and Ok.
6. Check inside your PD. Is your file there yet? If it is, Congrats! If no, proceed to STEP TWO

7. Click Start
8. At the search bar (or Run, people might call it), type "cmd" and enter.
9. You'll see command prompt. Type your disc file letter. If your PD is (F:), type F: (If your PD is (D:), type D: ) then enter.
10. You'll see another line under it, with D:\>
11. type in "attrib -s -h -r /s /d" (without quotation marks) and enter.
12. Try to see in your PD folder - did your files recovered?

I tried only these two steps to recover my files and everything was fine.
And i hope this will help those out there who's searching for solution!

Thanks for reading.
Again, sorry for my English.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Remembering Jules Bianchi

I know that I dont know him personally, but still, there's some times when I lay down and the thoughts of him pops to my head. How did he felt when he was going through the nine silent months?

And that's what I wanted to write today.

I dont want that to be the lingering memory of him. I wanted to remember him as the smiling happy person that touches everyone's heart. I wanted to remember him like that.

Like when you open a google search about him, you'll get images of him, like in a memory-like.
(but now when i search for him, there's a lot of his pictures, smiling. That's more i like it).

So this is me, just rambling on monday morning as I remembered Jules Bianchi.

A champion of our hearts.


Just reading something on Quantum Immortality (or something), that someone who died in our Universe, can be still alive in another universe. Maybe in another Universe Jules, who wasnt a formula one driver was still alive, and was now already having a wife and kids with the girlfriend. Or, if he is a formula one, probably in another universe, he didnt had that crash in Suzuka, and would now had a great contract with Ferrari in 2016. Or, if he did had that crash, the collapse he had didnt happen.

That's the life that could never been. A loss that could never be recovered.

Whatever it is, it was only in the other universe. This universe had lost a great man. And he will forever be in our hearts.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jules Bianchi Died of Suzuka Injuries (3 August 1989 - 17 July 2015)

the most iconic gif of Jules, where he wiped his helmet during race stop.

It is a sad sad day for the world of Formula One and Motorracing. Jules Bianchi, a rising star, died from a injuries of a crash he had in Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka, October last year. The crash happened only days prior to my birthday. So it doubled up the sadness I had.

the Jules Bianchi Suzuka Crash

I had blogged last year about Jules Bianchi woke up - he was actually out of his artificial induced coma, and could breath unaided - he wasnt waking up completely. He never did.

He had diffused axional injuries, if i am not mistaken (refer his wikipedia page) - that was the injuries he sustained from the horrible crash with the tractor which was clearing the track off Adrian Sutil's car. Adrian Sutil crashed at the same corner, but he crashed to a cushioned, tyre-lined concrete wall, if i am not mistaken, but Jules was unlucky, and he crashed onto the tractor which moved Adrian Sutil's car out of the way.

My prayers are with your families and loved ones, Jules. To your friends and everyone who knew you personally, be strong. I am just a fan whom Jules had no knowledge I had existed, but I felt the burden of losing him.

I also had blogged earlier, and had numerous tweets about him. I blogged about the tribute to Jules Bianchi, which I had hoped when he woke up from his coma, he could open the page and view all those tribute they made for him on the next race after Japanese Grand Prix last year. But he never had a chance for it. We had lost him. We had lost a fighter. We had lost a racer, a great one. He could've been a winner, but God loves him more. God wants him by His side. And who are we to deny it?

I had tweeted, mentioning him, everytime i felt like missing him. And now, I will miss him more, now that i know he was no more. Now that I know i never had an opportunity to fulfill my number 17th on my bucket list - meeting Jules Bianchi in person. You'll be sorely missed. I know it, because I already miss you now, Jules. Even though I never knew you personally.

I hope you're happy there now. I hope your family and loved ones are strong to get through the days without you. I hope they get their chances to say goodbye, like how I cant. But this is it. This is my goodbye to you, Jules. Goodbye.

Oh, and your smiles always soothes me. Whenever I am stressed, I could just play some gifs where you're smiling and I'll be relaxing. Whenever people asked whose smile I like the most, I wouldnt say Fernando Alonso's or Nico Hulkenberg's. Jules' smiles is the second in the rank, after my mother, and before my future husband (whom i have yet to know his identity, but i hope he ranks above Alonso and Hulkenberg - I wouldnt worry he outrank Jules, because he never will).

Here are the Gifs I found online. To remind us what a great person who had lived on this earth. To remind us what a happy person he was. To remind us what a kind person we lost. To remind us what a potential he had. To remind us of a life he had, living the dream as a formula one racer.

Look at him hiding his red bull can, probably as an attempt to not offend his sponsors :')

Rest In Peace, Requiescat in Pace, Jules Bianchi.

We will always remember you. We will always miss you. Our love for you will never fade.
You will forever in our hearts.
The warmth of his smiles will always haunt me. In a good way.

p/s: I hope, after this, there will no more racers to die of Formula One race crash injuries. We had hoped for this after late Ayrton Senna (peace be with his soul), but Jules Bianchi (peace be with his soul too) happened. I dont think the safe cockpit design for formula one is hideous. I think it is great. and safe.

And JB also stood for Jenson Button, so JB17 always meant Jules, while JB22 meant Jenson. Just Saying.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Mentalist Finale

It all happened like symmetry, that's how I think I'm going to describe that.

And for better or worse, I finished watching the episode at 1.55 am Friday Morning, and it is bad. I never stayed up this late after my University days.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about (if you have seen my other entries, you can see I say that a lot because sometimes my hand wrote something out of the topic because my brain sometimes went out branching to another stories before my other part of the brain - probably my logical ones, I dont know, I dont know anything about cognitive - finally acknowledge that I'm actually wanted to talk about something entirely different when I wrote this post). I'm gonna talk about The Mentalist, which ends Thursday, about 9.30-10.15am Malaysian time.

I said about late sleeping time to tell you how much I wanted to really watch it, because I do not have time to stream the episode at the airing time - I was at a different place with not quite good internet line. So I have to stream it at right after 12.30 am Friday. And now I'm Branching again.

Getting back on the topic - like i said, it happened like a symmetry, like something that happened in repeat, only in this case, it is not on repeat. it is of similar things, but it is of opposite things. Get it?

Well, let me give you some examples.

Lets state up the obvious first. On the last episode of the Mentalist, Jane and Lisbon got married, and Lisbon revealed later that she's pregnant. Both happened at the very end of the episode. This is significant. When we first introduced to Jane by the series in the first episode, at that very end of the first episode, it was revealed that Jane had lost his wife and daughter to Red John, a serial killer (I'll get to the serial killer thing later).

Pretty Wedding dress, huh? But Jane looks like how he always looked. I would prefer if he, somehow, had a new hair cut or something...

So, the first episode we know that Jane had lost a wife and a kid.
And at the last episode, we know that Jane have gained a wife and a kid.


That's the kind of opposite I was telling you about.

The Serial Killer thingy was also quite the kind of opposite I want to tell. At the first episode, we were exposed to Red John, getting to know him, getting to learn about him, his symbol or something. In the last episode, however, the team was putting an end to Lazarus, a serial killer.

So, the first episode we getting to know a serial killer.
and at the last episode, the team putting an end to a serial killer.

So that's it....only two obvious opposite thingies that i've discovered, hoping to discover more along the way.

the matrimony

Ah, the Mentalist had ended. End of an era.

I loved the character so much (not in love, but loved) that he inspired me to be someone who can read someone else. But i couldnt. I just dont have the eye. But if someone could teach me, I'm a great student. A fast learner in fact.

So, goodbye guys..thanks for the network who brought The Mentalist for us. It's a great show and I'm going to miss all the characters and all the episodes...There's just not one series like it.


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