Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Mentalist Finale

It all happened like symmetry, that's how I think I'm going to describe that.

And for better or worse, I finished watching the episode at 1.55 am Friday Morning, and it is bad. I never stayed up this late after my University days.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about (if you have seen my other entries, you can see I say that a lot because sometimes my hand wrote something out of the topic because my brain sometimes went out branching to another stories before my other part of the brain - probably my logical ones, I dont know, I dont know anything about cognitive - finally acknowledge that I'm actually wanted to talk about something entirely different when I wrote this post). I'm gonna talk about The Mentalist, which ends Thursday, about 9.30-10.15am Malaysian time.

I said about late sleeping time to tell you how much I wanted to really watch it, because I do not have time to stream the episode at the airing time - I was at a different place with not quite good internet line. So I have to stream it at right after 12.30 am Friday. And now I'm Branching again.

Getting back on the topic - like i said, it happened like a symmetry, like something that happened in repeat, only in this case, it is not on repeat. it is of similar things, but it is of opposite things. Get it?

Well, let me give you some examples.

Lets state up the obvious first. On the last episode of the Mentalist, Jane and Lisbon got married, and Lisbon revealed later that she's pregnant. Both happened at the very end of the episode. This is significant. When we first introduced to Jane by the series in the first episode, at that very end of the first episode, it was revealed that Jane had lost his wife and daughter to Red John, a serial killer (I'll get to the serial killer thing later).

Pretty Wedding dress, huh? But Jane looks like how he always looked. I would prefer if he, somehow, had a new hair cut or something...

So, the first episode we know that Jane had lost a wife and a kid.
And at the last episode, we know that Jane have gained a wife and a kid.


That's the kind of opposite I was telling you about.

The Serial Killer thingy was also quite the kind of opposite I want to tell. At the first episode, we were exposed to Red John, getting to know him, getting to learn about him, his symbol or something. In the last episode, however, the team was putting an end to Lazarus, a serial killer.

So, the first episode we getting to know a serial killer.
and at the last episode, the team putting an end to a serial killer.

So that's it....only two obvious opposite thingies that i've discovered, hoping to discover more along the way.

the matrimony

Ah, the Mentalist had ended. End of an era.

I loved the character so much (not in love, but loved) that he inspired me to be someone who can read someone else. But i couldnt. I just dont have the eye. But if someone could teach me, I'm a great student. A fast learner in fact.

So, goodbye guys..thanks for the network who brought The Mentalist for us. It's a great show and I'm going to miss all the characters and all the episodes...There's just not one series like it.


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