Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 12 Review

Okay, no more beating around the bush, another A team is Toby. Yeah, the Spoby Toby.

Many fans had come up with the theory that Toby joins the A team to save the girls.
Well, we dont know the exact thing that would happen, we didnt know the ending, even if we read the PLL books, because there are so many changes between the storyline of the books and the series.

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I did! Unpredictable, yes. Exhausting? maybe. Shocking, yeah!!

Toby with A hoodies
showing that he's one of the A team

Spencer after the sex scene with Toby
before we know that Toby is A

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mobbed - Makes me CRY!

Mobbed is an American reality TV show (which i saw on Fox). It is like a team of strangers (auditioned by Howie Mandel) to create an event in which the client of Mobbed can use for a surprise event (like proposal) and create an unforgetable one time event.

I just saw Mobbed today, and the first episode I saw is A father Lost for 37 Years.
This guy, named Art, had never seen his father in his whole life. He decided to ask the Mobbed team to search for his father, and created this event for his father to announce to his estranged father that he is his son.

BUT, the Mobbed team decided to flip the mob, and Art was the one mobbed. The team found his father, and asked if his father can come to a certain time, and certain place to meet with his estranged son, and his father said "I'll Be There,"

And Art came there to see how the event was, and saw a huge and beautiful performance by a lot of dancers (there were singers too), and then, Art was told to go to the podium, and at the same time, an unknown elderly man went to the podium as well, and announced. "I am your father,"

Art quickly in tears.

Howie told Art how he met his father, and how his father promised to be there, and how his father convinced him that his father going to be a father 24/7 for him. Art hugged his father that he just known, and said "I hope my mum could see this," (suggesting his mother had passed away).

Art's wife and two kids came to the podium as well (Art seemed surprised), and his father's wife (Art's stepmother) came to the podium as well, and Art (and his father) introduced the newcomer/

And the host told Art. "I know you thought you're going to leave alone tonight, but now, you're going to leave with a family,"

Oh really, I AM IN TEARS by the end of the episode.

You should watch it too! ^^