Friday, April 20, 2012

Columbine High School Massacre - 13 Years After.

Remember Columbine High School Massacre? The one that happened at April 20, 1999? It is already 13 years ago.

How many victims?
13 murdered,
21 injured.

Eric Harris
Dylan Klebold
And both of them committed suicide after the Massacre ended (it took nearly an hour)

It happened just after i started my fourth year of education.
I am 10 when it happened.

I know i cannot justify their actions, but actually, you know what kind of world they are trying to make. For one, at least the rules and regulations of getting a weapon is kinda hard these days, and how counselling in school is compulsary once the teachers seen something weird on your school assignment.

For me, if Harris wasnt around, Klebold might only suicidal. Given some treatment, the story of Columbine would never reached wikipedia. Harris had been given treatment, and still suicidal and murderous. Again, i am not here to judge, but to change people's thinking, because the two boys were different cases.
Remember them as monsters, or as anyone you like, but put ourself in the shoes of their beloved. In Sarah Klebold's shoes, if you like. Here.

Remember Columbine High School Massacre as a Lesson, hope we dont have to get through this anymore.
Remember your loved ones. Imagine for a second what if they were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris? Hence, make the world a better place to live. For our children.

Stop the bullying.
Stop outcasting.
Stop labelling yourselves as Populars, Outcasts, Goths, Punks, and whatever other social groups out there. We are made to be the same - we have one nose, two eyes, one mouth.
Stop second class treatments. Stop double standard. For a better world. For our children

Documentary. I found this documentary really full of info.

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