Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Yesterday was his birthday, 31st July. And I know I am late, but at least I wished him, am I right?

Thank you Harry for being there for me when I am bored, when I am sad, when I am happy, and generally in most situations I had in life. You're there when I am being bullied. You were there when I first fell in love - and you fell in love too...with Ginny...I know i can consult you anyway..

You're a friend not anyone would have. Only the ones who actually appreciate Harry Potter series would know. You'll never leave their side once they get to know you...and you told them story of your life without regrets, because you know what you did had no regrets..

You teaches us to make the right decisions...on the greater good, not for your own good. Remember choosing between horcruxes and hallows? you chose horcruxes. you chose to know how to kill voldemort before knowing how to shield yourself.

You are a wonderful wizard, Harry, and a wonderful person too. You dont have double standards. You see people as one.

The Chosen one, our hero and our friend.

I know he's a fictional character - and a DAMN GOOD one!

Friday, July 27, 2012

How To - Install the SIMS 3 Ambitions?

Yeah, look at the title. How to successfully install the Sims 3 Ambitions.
And i hope with others expansions, we can use this how to as well. I have not other expansions, so...

Well, anyway!

Basic Things FIRST!!

1) Install base game first.
2) Install the Sims 3 Expansion
     ---> NOT WORKING?
             what's the error?
             is the voice box telling you things like these:
             The sims game not updated, bla bla, setup is unable to continue
             THEN BOOM! setup closed.

So, here's how its done.
check in the disc (you're using disc for installing, right? if you're downloading, well, look in the download folder) whether you have "Support" folder inside. You have? Open it, and open another folder inside Support folder named 'update', and run the update with ending 001.

You may have two responses: 1) YAY! PROBLEM SOLVED!!
Or,                                         2) Oh no! ANOTHER error

then now, what's the error?
is it something like "the game detected...bla bla bla...something about wrong region"
What is it about region uh? cant we download things from UK, and then another from US?
Nah, its not that problem, guys..

The problem is your computer is not in the right region. Well, dont ask, I also dont understand that..my friend, who is a computer savvy, told me that. And i didnt ask her what she meant, because that'll mean a whole afternoon of telling me what it meant, without me understanding anything.

So, click start and click run and type regedit
then enter, or click ok
then, you entered regedit,
click HKEY_Local machine (or something like that)
and search for Software/Sims/Sims 3
there, you can see SKU
click the SKU, and change the value to 1/2/7

(if you have value 7, try to change to 2. If still not working, change to 1, same for others)

then, install the update, then install the sims 3 Ambitions

while you're installing, there's something like CDC (cyclic reduncancy or whatever the name is), please click IGNORE or RETRY.
If you have Ignore, click ignore. If you dont, well, click retry.

Then, YOU HAVE THE SIMS 3 AMBITIONS in your hard drive.

Any problems? Well, i dont have my computer savvy friend near me right now, well, you can ask here, if she's around then i'll ask her for you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rewatching Ghost Adventures Season 4

Watching Ghost Adventures, i felt like i wanted to be a part of them...but at times i was afraid. What if it is more than i can take? What if i am not fit to be a GAC (meaning the GA Crew)?

Still if they wanted me to point out where to go, i can show them. Possessing the Eye which can "see" (which we would like to call the Inner Eye, but not actually Inner Eye as in Seer or Art) didnt actually make me immune to all those things. It made me feel that i dont want to see them, but at the same time i would want to know what happened that they actually still living in our presence?

I can see, I can feel but not on demand. Makes me afraid of what i might see in the darkness.
It is as same as everyone of us, but as they said in Emily Rose (though it is fictional), i am half open to paranormal, which normal people is not open means i am nore succeptible to see them....still, not on demand.

You may want to believe me you may not want to believe me, it is fine. The only way you believe is by being close to religion, or that you're having inner eye yourself. I inherited the Inner Eye from my father, who is fully open to paranormal. Maybe i dont possess his bravery, and that's why i am inherited to only half of the inner eye he had.

That's makes me interested in Ghost Adventure. I wanted to be part of them, but i am afraid of what i might see..

Recommendation: Why dont they go to the place that once held a massacre...? I mean, i could sence they are a lot of unsettled spirits. They could help them....right?