Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Krabi Trip: The Experience

Ceh, the title so very dramatic lah.


But seriously, I wanted to share about my experience in Krabi.

I arrived on 17 April 2016 after two flights. Oh, my headache! I felt like my head was going to burst off and I couldnt wait to get my feet on land. Then, I arrived at Krabi International Airport.

Honestly, It wasnt the kind of Airport that I've expected. I've expected to see somekind like Kuching International Airport, of being an International Airport even though less grander than the KLIA or even KLIA2. But it is more like a secondary Airport here in Sarawak, like Miri Airport, or even Bintulu Airport. It was small, yes, but it can accommodate foreigners. So there's that.


Before entering Thailand you're given these cards, and you have to fill in everything.
It's for immigration purposes.

Welcome to Krabi International Airport.
My very clean passport

Then I booked a transport ticket to Ao Nang, towards our hotel. The ride was pleasant but their culture of driving is quite different from us Kuchingites. They honk at every opportunities, while we, Kuchingites, never honks. They honk to tell someone in front to give way to them. I still remember when Mr Sayan, my acquaintance from Thailand, drove my car and he honked, I told him, You dont have to honk in Kuching. If you want to overtake just overtake when the line is clear. If it is not, then you wait for the opportunity. Just dont Honk.

Maybe that's the culture talking, but that's one of the things that's different that I see. But I just have to get use to it. Because I'm not in Kuching. That's the whole purpose of travelling, is it not, to observe other's culture and differences?

The taxi driver stopped for a while at the taxi station while there's a lady asking us to get in her shop for some tour package deals. They said it's very cheap and stuffs, but I've known that their prices would be higher than those you can haggle for at those shops near Ao Nang beach. After saying no multiple tiles to the lady, we continued to go to Ao Nang where our hotel stood waiting.

In the private taxi

 We checked into the hotel at about 2 o'clock Krabi Time (Thailand GMT +7), and after getting used to everything in the room, we went out for a walk to Ao Nang Beach, going there using Tuk Tuk.

My Hotel
You could guess by my posture that I'm very tired but I still wanted to walk around Ao Nang.

Ao Nang Beach

There's boxing matches 18 April 2016. The boxers look soooo young.

This is the middle of Ao Nang Beach. Sorry for the woman in front. Even though my friend is pointing her camera at me, She still walks towards the landmark and pose while her husband readied his camera. Seriously. I think it is common knowledge that when people pose for photos you just dont enter the frame. But then maybe that's only Malaysian common knowledge, I dont know.

At least I can say that I was photobombed by a Chinese tourist.

Ok I know I'm not pretty, but I really wanted to post a selfie here..XD

Part of the fish landmark. And Krabian do look like these. With their slender built and tough hands and legs. Oh, one Krabian I know have veiny hands. Like really veiny hands.

We bought tour packages around Ao Nang Beach at the stronger travel agency. They gave us good price so we buy from them. Then, after more walks along the beaches, we took some pictures and we left the beach for late lunch aka early dinner and then we went back to our hotel.

The moneys......


This guy accompany me while the driver from Ao Nang Speedboat Tour come pick us up. I dont know whether it's a girl or a boy but it is owned, because there's a bell there.

Our hands with the AoNang Speed Boat Tour wristband. There's a lot of people there so the tour agency have this as an identification.

At the Ao Nang Pier.

Even looking at these pictures triggers my calm moods.

Once upon a tree.
Upon googling, I found out that the two characters formed "Kim"

If you want to have the same tour guide as I am (his name is YAN and he's very funny), call this number for package inquiry: +66-087-8843162

The Speedboat View

Our first stop: The Bamboo Island

Coral washed onto the shore.

Look at how clear the waters were

Second stop: Viking Cave.
We only passed through as it is a government protected place.

The waters....OMG

Next up: MAYA BAY.
Too many people so I dont enjoy it much. It is beautiful, of course, but the people made me felt like If I can choose, I wouldn't go here that day.

See...Too many people that you cannot have a decent selfie without being suffocated.
Nah I'm exaggerating.

But still I took pictures...and posed.

Next UP: Monkey Island. See the Monkey???

Last stop before snorkeling: PHI PHI DON ISLAND
The attraction of them all.
We have lunch here too.
Very Thai-Like

Phi phi Don

Then we snorkel at PHI PHI LEY

And then we head home. This is what they gave us for refreshments, along with many bottled cold waters. Ah, refreshing.

Haha, I wanted to show you that this is made in Thailand. Seen so many products of Malaysia, It is nice to see a product of Thailand once in a while. Ceh, even my hair products are products of Thailand. So I've been seeing Products of Thailand everywhere before I'm in Krabi. But then again, seeing this in Krabi really tells me that I have stepped foot on the land of the elephant.

At the end of the day, I am Pink. (The next day the pink turns brown.)


We go sightseeing today before our Hong Island tour.

The Ao Nang Mosque
Ao Nang Road

See the green hooded thing? That's a Tuk Tuk.
If you didnt already know.

Like a Fishery Hatchery. As I was a Fishery Data Analyst, I found this intriguing.

The Hong Island Pier. I think that's what it said.

Any Thais here? Help me translate please..hehe
Yep I have Thai Friends but i dont want to bother them.

So We got in the speedboat and we went cruising! It only took about 20 minutes to our destination. Here are the scenery we encountered.

Inside the speedboat

Entrance to Hong Lagoon. Our First destination

Me at Hong Island. See how the Pinks turned Brown?

The clear waters of Hong Lagoon

Around Hong Island

Second destination: At Koh Phak Bia

Forgive my elatedness here in Koh Phak Bia

Fishy! Why are you sleeping!

Next up: Koh Lao La Ding.
We have lunch here

Again, forgive my elatedness. Haha

Our Third Destination: Hong Island Beach

See how clear the Hong Island Beach waters?

I learnt how to write my name in Thai from a friend. Once I finished it, someone stepped on it!

And I've become darker and darker with each boat ride.
But it's worth it

Time to go back to Hotel.

So that way is Phuket....Okay.....


We packed that night and early morning. So once the clock strike 11, we checked out of our hotel and the taxi driver brought us to the airport. We went pass this restaurant on our way back. it is in front of Shell.

But that's the end of it. There's no more photo I took after this. So this is the end of my photo journey. Ceh..hahaha...reaaallll dramatic!

 So here it is, my 2 full days of Krabi Experience.
Oh, I'm lost for words. Really, I miss this place like a lot.