Monday, November 25, 2013

Red John's Identity Revealed. Spoiler Included.

OH MY GOD...!!

Who thought that HE WAS RED JOHN??

Oh..okay, I am getting ahead of myself.

Who is Red John? Is he in the list of seven suspects?

the list of seven suspects

For those who havent watch the show but do want to know who he is (Well, i think that's why you're here, if you're not up to spoiler you wouldnt search "Who is Red John" in Google Search, right?) I will answer each and every question that you may have in mind.

He is Sheriff McAllister.
Shocking? Isn't he DEAD?
He was dead. Well. He faked his death, obviously. For once, he did not have the Red John's annoying voice, but in that episode, The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8 "Red John", he did play the song. Urgh. I hate that voice. Anyway, he faked his death by having two explosions, one knocked everyone out (except for him), when he pulled a body from his car (an unknown body) and pulled Jane and two other suspects (Bertram and Reede Smith) out of the way just before the second explosion.

At the coroner's office, he asked another of the Blake Association (I assumed you already know by now, if you didnt know, well, Blake Association is an association of dirty cops. But they didnt know each other, but only will know if they're in distress by saying "Tyger, tyger". If the cop replied the same, then he's from the Blake Association) to switch the unknown DNA as his own to fake his death.

And he appeared at the episode in order to kill Jane, but one thing he didnt have a chance to tell, is how he knew about the seven suspects 2 months before Jane come out with his own.

He killed Bertram in the process, and was shot, and at last, he died as the result of Jane chocking him. Well, the ep didnt cover Jane's gruesome behaviour, anyway, it only focused on Jane, with McAllister's chocking, gurgling sound.

Jane chocking ex-Sheriff McAllister

It was disturbing, but not for me, because I knew he deserved it. (Oh dear, what happened to me???)