Sunday, September 14, 2014

Syamin Jasmi @ Hills Yesterday Y'all!

Yep, the one and only Syamin Jasmi, the young man with a beautiful voice performed at The Hills yesterday. He performed as a part of an opening act for Afgan's Live to Love.....something....Honestly I forgot...Dont bash me, Afganisme, you cant blame me for not into your Afgan.

I am there not for Afgan, surely, but if given a chance to hear the voice of Afgan live, well, i couldnt resist. But I am there for Syamin Jasmi, whom I had known to sing very well live. I enjoyed his song, his single, Lagi & Lagi, even though I couldn't really see him! Well, I dont think many people knew his song, but after that day, i think lots of people were searching the web for his song! Dont worry, dearies, the MP3 is not released yet, but if you wanted to hear his song, you can go to Youtube and type his name!

Dont worry, I will embed the video here too...

It is a very nice song! The song is very addictive that it totally filled the empty parts of my brain and it follows me everywhere I go. It is THAT addictive. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.. Come on, play it!

Yeah, speaking of not being able to see him during his performance and didnt get to cramp in during his selfie session on stage, I get to see him back stage! So i get that going on for me which is nice (VERY nice)

Although there were a lot of people pushing and pushing to get his pic, I get to take a pic with him too!

Well, he is a big name in the making!

Wish you a very good luck and We will always support you, Syamin Jasmi!

So, Cheers for you! <3 p="">
The last pic is of Aneurin Barnard, which has nothing to do with what I have posted, but as I am a big fan of Aneurin Barnard, I really wanted him to be in this post as Syamin Jasmi. Hence, I searched for his photo and found him cheers-ing! XD