Sunday, April 29, 2012

Touched - Ghost Adventure's The Galka Family

I had just seen the episode like this morning, and i quickly asked my brother to download it asap.
Then i viewed it this afternoon, and i felt like crying
I know, I know - the grief is unbearable.
Everyone wants closure.

I know that most people would say GA is a fake, but i dont.
I am an absolute believer.
I am not boasting, nor I am bragging,
but I had been in possession of inner eye, which could see entities but not on demand.
I could see them when I wasnt aware of my surroundings, or when i was focused on other things.
And even i dont know the secret of the afterlife.
And GAC give me an insights. Which i treasured.

Maybe you dont believe me.
All i want to say is, if you dont, well, dont bother to believe.
I am not saying this to beg people to believe me.
I am just saying - because nobody knows the life after death, how is it like.

And when i heard Melissa Galka's voice from the SB7, or in the voice recorder,
it makes me believe that its her.
It doesnt matter if she died because she was drunk when she's driving, or because she suddenly had heart attack or any other cause - She had died.

And I understand Gary Galka - she wanted to hear her voice once more. He wanted to say goodbye.

and i feel his sadness. And it made me cry...

For those who would want to watch that episode
well, youtube has it.

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