Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Funny Robert Kubica Interview

I dont know to laugh, or to frown.......
The interviewer's giving him questions that I myself never wanted to answer..~~
whatever it is, Hope Rob gets better~~
Thanks to a translator. Randy.

Interviewer: I have read somewhere that the smell you remember best from your childhood was the fumes. Can you tell me, how does the fumes smell like?
Robert: Fumes? It depends on which fuel do you use. In gokarts we use mixed fuel, meaning you add oil to fuel.
Interviewer: How did it smell like?
Robert: Good fuel with good oil smells like sweet forest fruits. It’s like… raspberries.
Interviewer: Have you seen your crash on TV?
Robert: Yeah, I have even seen it live.
Interviewer: Would You accept an offer to advertise condoms? There’s rubber and there’s…
Robert: Like ‘you need to keep safe in life and on the roads’?
Interviewer: That’s a perfect slogan. Copywriters spend their whole life coming up with something like this and get pringles on thier asses from it!
Interviewer: How much of your next year plans depend on you, and not the others, the circumstances, the people? And on the other hand, your popularity. I know that sometimes talking to journalists can be tough and their incompetence irritates you. But this popularity – a fourth grade kid from school that you attended runs around and says: I have Robert’s autograph. And so on! Does it make you happy, or emotional? Or do you have your work to do and don’t think about it now?
Robert: Well i’ll answer the second question because i practically forgot the first one…
Interviewer: Australia is a country famous for people who value their freedom, fun, their coolness…
Robert: And their kangaroos.
Interviewer: Today some Polish newspaper announced that you don’t like driving in rain. Is that true? Because i think you are very good in rain.
Robert: If you plan to quote from polish newspapers, you’ll find a lot of absurd stuff. I’ve always enjoyed driving in rain and i performed very well. I suppose they just had to fill some free space.
Interviewer: Tell me, do your thoughts while you’re driving can catch up with these huge speeds?
Robert: I’ll say this – i don’t think much.
Interviewer: Six hours time change, 34 degrees celsius, humidity.. how do you cope with all theese?
Robert: As usual, very good.
Interviewer: Do you remember your first days in F1? What has made the biggest impact on you, did anything surprise you at all?
Robert: The car.
Interviewer: Robert, tell me, are you any good at something? I don’t mean driving, what are your other talents?
Robert: Talents? I don’t know. I can play pick-up sticks.
Interviewer: What decided that the team contracted you instead of other experienced driver?
Robert: Speed.
Interviewer: Before the new season, there’s a lot of talk about return of KERS. What’s your view on the system that two years ago caused more trouble than it did help?
Robert: It’s difficult talking about the system when i haven’t been driving the car yet.
Interviewer: Your car looks completely different this season, does it have any meaning for you what is the car’s colour?
Robert: If the car is fast it can even be pink.
Interviewer: What are your plans for next season?
Robert: To drive a racing car and score the best possible places.
Interviewer: Robert, first of all huge congratulations. Tell us, how does it feel to be the first Polish driver in F1 to start from pole position?
Robert: Well, i guess it’s just the same feeling as a Polish driver starting from sixth.
Interviewer: Describe yourself in three words.
Robert: Straight and ambitious.
Interviewer: Where would you like to see Polish F1 circuit to be built?
Robert: I don’t care. In 10-15 years i won’t be driving in F1 anymore, so it won’t make any difference.
Interviewer: Let’s get to this gorgeus machine first. Can you describe it in few words?
Robert: It’s a gokart. It has four wheels, an enginge…
Interviewer: Which race do you remember best?
Robert: None.
Interviewer: Not a lot of time had passed since your Australian success. Tell us, how are the preparations going for the Malaysian GP?
Robert: Well, the preparations are going pretty normally.

this is an interview with Rob Kubica..
But its a different interview than the above~

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