Sunday, September 6, 2015

Remembering Jules Bianchi

I know that I dont know him personally, but still, there's some times when I lay down and the thoughts of him pops to my head. How did he felt when he was going through the nine silent months?

And that's what I wanted to write today.

I dont want that to be the lingering memory of him. I wanted to remember him as the smiling happy person that touches everyone's heart. I wanted to remember him like that.

Like when you open a google search about him, you'll get images of him, like in a memory-like.
(but now when i search for him, there's a lot of his pictures, smiling. That's more i like it).

So this is me, just rambling on monday morning as I remembered Jules Bianchi.

A champion of our hearts.


Just reading something on Quantum Immortality (or something), that someone who died in our Universe, can be still alive in another universe. Maybe in another Universe Jules, who wasnt a formula one driver was still alive, and was now already having a wife and kids with the girlfriend. Or, if he is a formula one, probably in another universe, he didnt had that crash in Suzuka, and would now had a great contract with Ferrari in 2016. Or, if he did had that crash, the collapse he had didnt happen.

That's the life that could never been. A loss that could never be recovered.

Whatever it is, it was only in the other universe. This universe had lost a great man. And he will forever be in our hearts.

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