Tuesday, October 20, 2015


There's a man in the vessel, a man we all lovingly are friends with, the man whom I first know on board because he told me his name, even though we always get language barrier because he didn't speak English (in which I am thankful for my 1/6 British heritage)...and I am touched with him.

I know, looking by his face that he's a player, but he was actually quite nice...and a great guy!

Well, the first time I was touched with him was when I first introduce myself to him and he called me every five minutes. He was working in the galley, and he called my name just to know where I am at. And it was a nice gesture, telling me that he cares.

And he tried to stuff me with foods. But all the foods were spicy and my stomach aren't made for spicy foods, so I had to decline.

Some people on board told me he likes me. But by that time, I had liked another. My heart was only meant to be filled with one, so I cannot like two persons at a time. But, as I had known him (he was honestly cute and fair) earlier than the other guy, honestly, there's one time during the early parts of when I started to join the management of the cruise, I had a feeling, a mild, I-Like-Looking-At-His-Face feeling.

So yeah...i was touched. And he had a girlfriend and almost two kids...
So he couldn't've liked me (maybe only as a friend) and we're only friends.
(this isnt Friendzone-ing ok)

By the way...

When they had moved away, he still remembers me and gave me a shawl from the place he was in...it was a nice gesture. I was touched that out of ~20 people on board that i have known (including the guy i like), He remembered me and he gave me a parting gift!

I was so touched, I cried.
Thank you so much, Mr. TP. I will forever remember you.
Just as long as you remember me.

Have a safe trip back to Bangkok!

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