Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to recover hidden files from your USB Flash Drive!

Your USB Flash Drive is suddenly wiped clean, but in the Windows Explorer, you can see your PD (Pendrive) is filled?

I came across this problem last year, and thanks Google that I have this solution! There are two steps you have to follow. Oh, forgive me for my level one English, but I hope it's understandable.

1. Go to Windows Explorer.
2. Go to Tools (if you cant see Tools, press Alt, and there will be a bar above "Organize" & "New Library")
3. Choose Folder Option.
4. Click View
5. Under Files and Folders, at the Hidden Files and Folder, choose Show Hidden Files, Folder and Drive. Click Apply and Ok.
6. Check inside your PD. Is your file there yet? If it is, Congrats! If no, proceed to STEP TWO

7. Click Start
8. At the search bar (or Run, people might call it), type "cmd" and enter.
9. You'll see command prompt. Type your disc file letter. If your PD is (F:), type F: (If your PD is (D:), type D: ) then enter.
10. You'll see another line under it, with D:\>
11. type in "attrib -s -h -r /s /d" (without quotation marks) and enter.
12. Try to see in your PD folder - did your files recovered?

I tried only these two steps to recover my files and everything was fine.
And i hope this will help those out there who's searching for solution!

Thanks for reading.
Again, sorry for my English.

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