Thursday, December 29, 2016

I am a big fan of car accessories.

You name it.
In-car entertainment system.
Brand new steering.
Start button system.
Auto lock brake system.


Truthfully I dont know their proper names, but when I go to the car accesories shop, honestly, I couldn't hold my purse. My money immediately fly away.

Like today, as there are year end sales, there are discounts on the in car entertainment system (GPS and maps include). This is very attractive to me, not because of the entertainment stuff (I am not into watching movies in car as it will invite annoying headache) but the maps thingy are sort of useful to me. I dont really know my way around so the maps and navigation system can come in handy.


And there is a red formula one like steering wheel....on my...if only you know how hard it is for me to say no to it...i cannot bring it home...because honestly i am not into modifying i have to let it go as my steering wheel is still in perfectly good condition.

The other thing that caught my mind apart from the in car entertainment system and steering wheel is.......the start button system.

I first encounter that system in my dad's car. I love it so much that i wanted to modify my car into a push start car. But again, i dont like modifying. The most I can do with my car is change the seat cover entirely with a leather seat one. And thats what I plan to do next time. After I buy myself a great 2tb/4tb hard disk for me to store all my stuffs.

I had a lot of softcopy stuffs.
I had used all my 1tb and 2 500mb external for that.
I am not regretting anything i tell you.

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