Sunday, December 25, 2016

Assassins Creed: The Movie


I've watched the Assassins Creed last night (25 December 2016)! Finally! After about one and a half year of waiting! (cue Sirius Black's line in HPPOA - "I did my waiting! One-And-A-Half year of Azkaban!) So, yep. I watched it last night, on Christmas Day, at 7.00 pm, with my partner-in-crime (only that we've never attempted any crime whatsoever - but you know this, do you?) at The Spring.

The journey there aren't much, though. We've encountered two office-mates and one low-phone battery situation, which, thankfully, the partner-in-crime solved it with his very own powerbank. We chose the couple seat - not because we liked being secluded, but because the seat (sofa) is so very comfy and - let's face it, all of us loved sitting at the back, watching the movie at the farthest end, not too close to the screen and hurts the eye, and that, as I am quite short, the seats at the back assured me of the part where the head of those in front wouldnt bother my line of sights....

But that's not what I intended to write in this entry, but, as you know me, I would ramble before I get to the real story here. So there's that. End of my rambling.

Assassins Creed.
La Shay'a Waqi'un Mutlaq, Bala Kulum Mumkin.
"Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted".

Overall, I would give this movie a 6 out of 10. The graphic is great, the action is great, but the talking part is quite dull.

**Spoiler Alert**

The talking part is essential to those who never played any of the game franchise prior to watching the movie. It told us the story of Assassins and Templar, two groups/clan who fought over the years to gain access to the Apple of Eden. The Assassins are the protector of the Apple, which had the genetic code to access Human's free will, which the Templar aimed to use to destroy human's free will so that they will submit to whatever it is needed to follow one Templar. That's actually the basic of the Templar-Assassins rivalry.

The action part is great. You can see every bit there was in the game. The hidden blade, the swinging of axes and swords and poles....the most important thing of all - the leap of faith.
There are three leap of faiths performed, and only one we can actually see the Assassins landed. The thing is, the Assassin did not land on his back, how it was supposed to be. As it is turning from the medieval times to the present times, as the Animus was in the way of a perfect leap of faith, Callum Lynch (descendant of Assassin Aguilar de Nerha) landed on his feet.


And Animus aren't how it was in the game. The Animus in the movie is like a claw and it permitted movement of Callum to mimic and synchronize his ancestor's memory perfectly. The plot is great, I follow every part and I even felt the sadness when the female Assassin died. They truly sacrifice their life for the creed.

There's one part I like, where the creed's maxim is uttered through the language of the Great Mentor, Altair Ibn La Ahad,

لاشيء واقع مطلق، بل كل ممكن
La Shay'a Waqi'un Mutlaq, Bala Kulum Mumkin,

And it reverberated in the halls of the animus, several times, and we can see Callum embraces his inner Assassin and visited by many Assassins, surrounding him. That's when he decided that he would fight for the Assassins after revealing the hidden place of the Apple of Eden (pretty much too late, isn't it, Callum?)

But, (again, Spoiler) he made up for it at the end.

And I am very sure there's another Assassins Creed Movie in near future.
One will never let the movie end the way it did.

Well, that's all from me about my favorite gaming franchise's movie - Assassins Creed.

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