Sunday, November 25, 2012

Congratulations Sebastian Vettel

Congratulations Sebastian Vettel (aka- what they call you? yeah- Sebastian Vettel) for winning the 2012 Formula One World Championship in 6th place, leaving his rival Fernando Alonso 3 points behind.

Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Ace aka El Nano, achieved second place in the World Championship and in Brazillian GP 2012 which ended approximately 12 hours ago. He finished second in front of teammate Felipe Massa (who's a Brazillian, aka The Babyface), who finished the race on the podium (duh, of course, he's third) emotionally. Of course he's emotional! He havent been on podium since 2011 last I heard (the commentator said, of course). and HE HAD PODIUM IN HIS HOME COUNTRY.

Fernando Alonso didnt feel devastated, of course (he was sad, 3 more points) but he felt proud that he's there giving competition until the end even though his car was out of pace. (yeah, ferrari is kind of off pace nowadays)

Fernando Alonso had 13 podiums out of 20 races and 3 wins and 3 retirement whereas his rival Sebastian Vettel had 9 podiums out of 20 races and 5 wins.

And I've had a little racing nowadays (but none over 80kmh, because the car is quite new) And i would love to have some race and representing Malaysia in F1. I can practice everyday though...and I am not giving up type of girl and quite rough to be honest (And I am not the one who'll not working hard for something I really want and I am not the sitting tight type). So anyone who would want to sponsor me to race, I am sure you wont regret it...XD

Yeah, back to F1

Jensen Button wins the Brazillian GP and finished 5th in the Driver's championship with Teammate Lewis Hamilton (who would now be Ex-Teammate as he's transfered to Mercedes F1 to take Michael Schumacher's place) retired the race as he was involved in crash with then-race leader, Nico Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg finished 5th as he was being penaltied for causing an accident (Sebastian Vettel also caused accident by not giving way to Bruno Senna and as a result, Bruno Senna retired, so did Sergio Perez, but Sebastian Vettel escaped the penalty. Where's the Justice, i dont know, even the commentator thought it was absurd and it wasnt fair even though he's the defending World Champion by then). Raikkonen finished 10th and 3rd in Championship and the Babyface Felipe Massa 7th in the overall World Championship.

Redbull's 1st with 460 points, leaving Ferrari behind with 400 and McLaren Mercedes 378.

So that's pretty much all, Cant wait for the 2013 season!!

Fernando Alonso all these years... :)

(And i am planning to post the race here and everyone can download, but i dunno... :D)

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