Friday, September 28, 2012

Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button - MBE

I just knew!!
MBE is like, Darjah kebesaran for Malaysia - like, special award for someone who had done a great deal to the country.

It was last night that i dreamt about Jenson Button, i dunno about what, but he was definitely arguing with someone whom i believed to be Fernando Alonso - but dont be alarmed, it was just a dream, that made me do some research about him. Its been a while. Last time i did research bout him was back in '03 when he was with BAR Honda, teammate with Jacques Villeneuve.

For Lewis Hamilton n Jenson Button, becoming world champion in 2008 & 2009 respectively, had given them MBE each. Well, if a Malaysian Racing Driver (doesnt matter, Formula One, or other racing sports) had world champion titles, we would be proud too, right, and he/she deserve the award.

Congrates Lewis Hamilton & Jensen Button. Sorry for late congratulations, but well, you deserved it.

Looking forward to see u race~~

When J. Button won the world champion (2009)
When he was still in Lucky Strike BAR Honda
On the day of the (how to say? Corronation?) Award
with the Queen
With his star :)
Lewis Hamilton!!
When he received it
When he won world champion

Sorry i couldnt get a lot of LH pics...but i will sure search for more soon~~~~

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