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My Krabi Trip (17 - 20 April 2016) "The Breakdown Budget"


I've been dreaming to go to Krabi since forever. For me, it is an ideal place for vacation. People dubbed it as 'Heaven on Earth' (no, not the drink. I didn't mean the drink, please don't sue me) - and I agree with them. It is a perfect place to relax, recharge yourselves before you go on another week of work. Trust me. Krabi is that kind of place.

So my Krabi trip was, as my entry title had proudly stated, on 17 until 20 April 2016. I had planned and booked the tickets for a good six months (yes, I had bought the tickets in October, right after my birthday as a birthday gift to myself from myself). As I was so excited buying the tickets, it was only after purchasing that I remembered that if i go on that date and return on 20th April, I will miss my brother's birthday. I did apologized to him, in which he forgave me (I returned home that day after buying the tickets and straightaway apologize).

But you dont want to read about my adventure buying the tickets. And yes, thankfully, that's not the whole purpose of this entry.

So, without further ado, below is the breakdown of Budget for my Krabi Trip that I have to spend before I even step foot on the Heaven on Earth (again, don't sue me).

::This is all calculated per person::

Air Ticket
a) KCH/KLIA2/KCH - RM238
*Airasia Promo, including luggage and including direct debiting fee.
b) KLIA2/KBV/KLIA2 - RM275
*This is AirAsia Promo, but I purchased travel protection. And then there's GST, Airport Tax, etc etc...

Ao Nang Miti Resort (This hotel is equipped with own swimming pool!)
RM144.70 per night including extra bed
--but it is quite far from the beach, walking distance. But if you dont mind some exercise, why not?

Passport: RM200 for 5 years

Total: RM857.70 (w/o passport - RM657.70)

Yep, that's the breakdown of the moneys we spent before we even arrive in Krabi. You know how the economy's like nowadays. Even spending RM700 (I didn't take the passport into account, because I don't get the passport only for Krabi Trip) before stepping on Krabi soil is actually quite rewarding for me. As I had spent RM513 six month before, and RM435 in around December for the hotel, I still can afford saving moneys for my trip in April. Thankfully.

And thankfully too the MYR is stabilizing by the time I was in Krabi. I still remember in 29 September last year the MYR was at 4.4580 against USD. See, I got good memories, so you can assure that my breakdown budget is true to the cent. I did not estimate. Wow. I exaggerated. That's so me, right?

So for the guys (this 'guys' context actually includes girls) from KL, you only have to spend RM419.70 for the air tickets and hotel.

So, now let's see my budget breakdown for when I was in Krabi, shall we? From this point onwards I will use THB directly, but, at the end of each day I will convert to MYR for easier computing.

with the latest conversion (as per 24 April 2016) at 100THB = 11.75MYR

17 April 2016

From Krabi Airport (KBV) to Ao Nang* = 600THB / 200THB per person
Travel time= ~45 minutes

*We're going to Ao Nang instead of Krabi Town as we're going to Krabi because of the beaches.
The taxi can accommodate 4 persons, so if you're in a group of four (or nearly four, I go there with two other friends), you can use the taxi! It's more comfortable, though, rather than you go by bus and there's everyone cramping in the bus. Oh, the bus is much cheaper too, about ~150THB per person, but the travel time is pretty much the same. And if you go by bus, you have to wait until everyone is on board then you can go. So, as we're experiencing dizziness as the result of the double flying in one day, we decided to get a taxi.

The taxi driver will stop at a taxi station and a lady/a man (depends) will come to the taxi while you wait and ask you to step inside their shop to discuss activity you would like to do. Dont purchase your day trip tour package here. It's expensive despite their sayings that they are cheap. Tell them some white lies that you've bought your package prior and stuffs like that, okay? Trust me.

We bought food at a halal restaurant, which is quite expensive. Our hotel is situated quite far from all the stalls, so If you can go to the stalls, please do so. They're much more cheaper and tastier. Dont worry, the stall foods are Halal, as 90% of Krabian (is that a thing?) are Muslim. I know this - I have a friend from Krabi and he helped me a lot.

Yep. Just a friend.
Wait, never mind, I will talk about that friend in another entry.

So our food for that day (as we only bought for a late lunch) was around 450THB; per person = 150THB

Tour Package

We bought the Day 1 and Day 2 Daily Tour Package on our Arrival Day, as the packages must be bought at least one day before. We bought our tour at Stronger Travel Agency. There's a Muslim lady at front and we talked Muslim to Muslim, and she's cool. She's the one telling us which package is cheaper and worth our time.

Phi Phi Island Tour using Speedboat = 850THB per person
I know it stated there as Phi Phi Island but we did visit some other Islands. It's like Island hopping, only that the tour package is named as such. As we're there not in a peak season, the price is much cheaper than during the peak season. Plus, you can haggle.

There were prices such as 1000THB, 1500THB, but we got it for 850THB, including Halal Lunch buffet and drinks on board but excluding 400THB National Park Entrance Fee.
So, our Phi Phi Island Tour with Ao Nang Speedboat Tour is costed 1250THB per person.
Which is cool.

We bought another Package: Hong Island Tour (Oh, this place is absolutely beautiful!) for day 2. It is a half day tour and we bought altogether a Kayaking tour at the afternoon. The Hong Island half day tour is at 600THB including lunch, drinks on board and stuffs. We're using the Krabi Discovery Tour package. And the Kayaking, we have to add another 400THB, and the Entrance fee was 300THB. All together, the whole package was 1300THB, while the actual price was 1650THB exclude entrance fee. See, you can haggle. We saved about more than 600THB for this day 2 package.

We travelled by Tuk Tuk to and from the Ao Nang Beach to the hotel, each way is 100THB, so we spent 200THB on Tuk Tuk. 200/3=67THB per person.

TOTAL FOR ARRIVAL DAY= 2967THB (I actually pay the entrance fee during the package, but I just put it here for easier computing)
Ringgit conversion = 348.63MYR

DAY 1 
18 APRIL 2016

We didnt need to have many spendings today as we have, as you know, bought the day trips together with lunches on the arrival day.

Of course we need to eat after such long days under the sun, and, well, as we love na'an bread, we go and find one. Yes. For dinner.
The total that day was quite the same with the day before, so our dinner was at 450THB, with 150THB per person.

We started to buy our souvenir at this point. We found a shop (I dont remember the name of the shop, but there's a beautiful Filipino woman sitting around outside. She's the shopkeeper), that gave us a very good price, like 4 packs (1 pack = 5 keychains) of keychain for only 300THB, while the other shop sells one pack for 100THB. She also sold us 1 pack for 80THB so quite cheap, yes.
I bought 2 packs of keychains, and as I bought it together with my friends, so i get two for 150THB. I bought 2 shirts and one pair of hand made newborn shoes too, at the price of 680THB (shirts 200THB/pair, shoes at 280THB. Original price for the shirt was 250THB, while the shoes at 350THB).

We travelled by tuktuk from Ao Nang Beach back to our hotel.
From our hotel that morning, the travel agency brought us to the pier for the tour package, and afterwards, after the tour ended, we asked them to send us to the Ao Nang Beach for souvenir shopping. And dinner. So, Tuk Tuk for the day is 100THB. It is my friend's turn to pay this so I didnt include this in my transport budget, but I still had to jot this in somehow.

Ringgit Conversion= 115.15MYR

19 April 2016 (My little brother's birthday! And my bestie's birthday too!)

As per usual our dinner costs around 150THB per person. As we suddenly craved Malaysian food, we bought Fried Rice each, with a touch of Thai. Uh, How can i describe this? There's a touch of Thai in it, as you could taste the soury flavour. Is that even a word, Soury?

Ah, I bought the most souvenirs on this day. I bought four adult I love Krabi shirt (different designs, of course), each at 150THB (because we bought many-many, like they say. Original price was at 250THB). I bought four more keychains, at the same shop, at 300THB.
So Shirt + Souvenirs = 900THB

Again, see Transport for Day 1
Tuk Tuk= 100THB (This is my turn to pay~)

Ringgit Conversion= 135.13 MYR

20 APRIL 2016

Okay, this day is a bit sad. I was actually feeling quite sad leaving Krabi as opposed to whatever I usually feel when I went travelling (usually when I was travelling, on the Return day, I couldnt wait to go to the airport because I miss my bed at home). But today, it is a bit sad. Maybe because I have many friends in Thailand, and even though they're not in Krabi at the time of my visit, I felt somehow close to them. Of course, Krabi is way closer than Kuching to Bangkok where they work, so maybe that is why I felt quite lost. Do you feel me?

Anyway, the trip has been so much fun. But it is time to say goodbye.

So, during the few hours left in Krabi, I use the time left (I'm leaving in midday) for lunch! We have lunch at the Airport at 300THB total, so it is 100THB per person.

I also bought a beautiful Chang bag (Chang is elephant) for my mum and my sister's beautiful trousers, each at 250THB. So I spent 500THB on souvenirs (Because I wanted to just finish up all my THB)

Ao Nang to Krabi Airport (We brought from Stronger Travel, we have a deduction!)
= 500THB / 167THB per person

Total for Departure Day= 767THB
Ringgit Conversion= 90.13MYR

So! Here it is my breakdown budget for my April Krabi Trip. And yes, I plan to go again to this Heaven on Earth (please refer to my previous plead) anytime soon. Once I've gathered enough moneys. Ha ha.

The total expenditure for my Krabi Trip is as follows (in MYR)

Before = 657.70
During Trip = 689.04
So, Before + Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3 + Day 4
= 657.70 +  348.63 + 115.15 + 135.13 + 90.13

GRAND TOTAL = 1,346.74

For your information, I converted 705MYR to Baht ~ 6000, so, I got a balance of 127THB left. I gave 100THB to my brother for his collection of foreign currencies (plus, it is his birthday that I missed), Gave 20 for my sister and the other 7 is for my own keepsakes.

Oh, I hope this gives quite an insight for you to plan your spendings. For those from KUL, you can probably spend within 1,000MYR because you didnt need to buy extra air tickets from KCH to KUL.
But, If you're from the peninsular and you love adventure, why dont you try hopping on a train? It is much cheaper!

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