Sunday, July 21, 2013

RIP Andrea Antonelli

Andrea Antonelli, an Italian Superbike Rider died yesterday after falling and was struck by another rider or racers.
Shockingly, I saw him falling over on TV...and yet I didnt know he had died.

I am very sorry and my thought's with the family of Andrea Antonelli. I am sorry shortly before you died I said you have a girl's name. I am very sorry and I know I'm being horrible.

And here I am, saying I am a great motor racing fan, I only paused before the race and see his name, and then paused in front of the TV when he fell, but I didnt even know he died afterwards.
Again, I am sorry.

Following would be the news clip for the horrible event occured on Sunday.

The Russian Superbike Grand Prix due to take place in Moscow was cancelled on Sunday after Italian rider Andrea Antonelli died following an accident, Russian police said.
"The Italian (Antonelli) rider died as a result of his injuries," a police official told the RIA Novosti news agency.
The source said that three riders had been involved in the accident.
Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport said the accident happened on the first lap as the 25-year-old Antonelli lost control of his Kawasaki and was hit by compatriot Lorenzo Zanetti.
Emergency services were quickly on the scene, according to Gazzetta, but Antonelli never regained consciousness. Voice of Russia, AFP, R-Sport

Rest in Peace, Andrea Antonelli

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